Made in California Since 1976

  • IC Outlaw Strap

    IC Outlaw Strap

    EMG branded 2” padded leather IC Outlaw strap.

  • Tribal Strap

    Tribal Strap

    Lightly stressed thin leather Tribal strap

  • LM Double Strap

    LM Double Strap

    Double leather 2.5” padded strap from our friends at LM Leather

  • Tribal Bat Strap

    Tribal Bat Strap

    EMG branded 2” slightly padded all leather strap.

  • IC Metal Strap

    IC Metal Strap

    EMG branded 2” thin leather and nylon combo strap.

  • SurLock Strap

    SurLock Strap

    Light weight nylon 1.5” strap with the new exclusive SurLock system