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This passive pickup set created for guitarist, songwriter and producer Prashant Aswani. The Revelation Set spent 2+ years in development that included testing in both recording... >

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This passive pickup set created for guitarist, songwriter and producer Prashant Aswani. The Revelation Set spent 2+ years in development that included testing in both recording and live playing sessions. After several variations EMG and Aswani had designed an undeniably brilliant pair of humbuckers that delivered the clarity and definition usually found only in active pickups. This matched set has precision wound custom bobbins and alnico 2 magnets that create the perfect balance between neck and bridge positions. The alnico 2 magnets have just enough “give” to deliver that classic sponginess passive players crave without the muddiness usually associated with old school PAF-types. Aswani is known for his amazing style and tone and now has the perfect pickups to help him deliver every time.
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In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

2 500k volume pot
2 500k tone pot
1 stereo output jack
1 two pickup in/out bus
2 pair mounting screws and springs
2 pickup cables
4 connect cables
1 output cable


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EO /Reviewed 6/7/2019

I have to admit, I did not know what to expect but thought I would give the REV set a try. I have heard Prashant over the years and always knew him to have great guitar tone so I figured these had to be pretty good. I have the REV set in a Pro Mod Charvel with Floyd Rose and they sound amazing. They're very articulate with the right amount of punch and definition. One of my favorite things about the REV's, is when you split the coils. My Charvel came with a push-pull pot and I wanted to make use of that with this set. I can honestly say, I finally have a set of pickups in one of my guitars that I can operate in split-coil mode and get very convincing Strat tones. I am so happy with how my guitar turned out. By far, the most versatile guitar I own. Thank you EMG and Prashant for putting these out. I will definitely be adding these pickups to more of my guitars.

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Fantastic Post-Modern Alnico II !

RR /Reviewed 2/12/2019

This is a great set of pickups!
This co-op effort with EMG and Prashant Aswani, has yielded up an awesome set of post-modern
Alnico II humbuckers!

Most all pickup makers have a Neo-Vintage hang-up with Alnico II magnets. What make this Revelation set shine is it’s a post-modern and refined.

I replaced stock Gibson Burstbucker pickups on my Flying V with the Revelation set.

The Revelation set is actually sweeter more rich in harmonics.
It’s incredible clean with 3D texture.

With high gain and a variety of OD/DS pedals it flows with rich character and has an unmistakable Sweet that Isotropic Alnico II has, where Anisotropic magnets like Alnico V or Ceramic with directional +/- pull lack that.

The tone of each pickup neck and bridge are unique to themselves, and the neck has that “Woman Tone” where the bridge has that bite and grit for Shred.

I like the tight bottom and mids to highs. No scoop in the mids. Very articulate for lead guitar.

It’s got an addictive vibe and I haven’t been able to put them down since I installed them myself.

Love the EMG solderless system. Hats Off to that innovation!

I’m super happy to see EMG do a killer Alnico II humbucker at last!
They did a bang-up job.

Ease of Install

Super versatile modern pickups with 3D depth!

rezamatix /Reviewed 1/15/2019

I got an advance set of these pickups and had my tech install them and I had to offer my thoughts here. These pickups are So incredibly responsive and full of possibility. They have such a depth and character to them that the inspiration flows immediately. The low end is tight and the hi end has a pleasing smoothness to it thats very addictive. There is a very nice EQ curve response in the pickups that mates well with any amp I threw at them. Under high gain they stayed clear and punchy and on cleans they shimmered with a beautiful grit. Love these pickups, cant recommend them enough. It doesnt hurt that they are signature pickups for one of the most innovative and creative shredologists out there.

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