Made in California Since 1976

  • OC1-Set


    Was: $149.00

    Now: $99.00

    *SPECIAL SALE* Traditional open-coil passive humbucking set!

  • Hot 70 Set

    From: $199.00

    ceramic magnets in the bridge and alnico 5 in the neck producing high output tone of the late 70’s

  • Bajo

    From: $220.00

    Custom designs specifically for the Bajo Sexto and Quinto player

  • M-72 Set

    M-72 Set
    From: $199.00

    The Mini-72 set uses individual Alnico 2 Rod magnets in a dual-coil format. Like having 2 Front-Tele Pickups side by side but fatter.

  • M-80

    From: $99.00

    1/8th of a stick of Dynamite. Ceramic magnet with 2 steel bars. But not too much gain to be overwhelming.

  • M-60

    From: $99.00

    Real clean tone, but fatter than a single coil. A great pickup in the fingerboard position of any guitar.

  • M-50

    From: $99.00

    Plenty of inductance and a real beefy sound, great for driving a Marshall, but also good for slide through a Deluxe.

  • RA-2 Pro

    RA-2 Pro

    The Pro-Series RA-2 is loaded with the Crossroads Set

  • RA-5 Pro

    RA-5 Pro

    The Pro-Series RA-5 comes pre-loaded with the Maverick Five Set

  • ACB Barrel

    ACB Barrel

    Traditional Barrel Banjo Pickup

  • MF Set

    From: $189.00

    Marty Friedman relies on only the best of everything to deliver his unique one-of-a-kind guitar mastery

  • Fat 55 Set

    From: $199.00

    Open coil active humbucker with alnico magnets

  • Super 77 Set

    From: $199.00

    Open coil active pickup set with ceramic magnets