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The SAVX Set has all the tone, clarity, and responsiveness guitar players demand in a single coil pickup with a vintage look enthusiasts will love. With its flat Alnico V pole... >

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The SAVX Set has all the tone, clarity, and responsiveness guitar players demand in a single coil pickup with a vintage look enthusiasts will love. With its flat Alnico V pole pieces, the SAVX Set is designed for newer instruments with a flatter fretboard radius. The tone is modeled after the early Strat™ pickups, giving players that familiar "quack," punch, and bell like tone. With the X series preamp, these pickups take on even more dynamic response, bridging the gap between passive and active.This marriage of vintage design and state of the art electronics gives the SAVX Set a much smoother tonal response when played clean or with overdrive. If you're looking for quiet single coil pickups with a vintage look and sound, the SAVX Set is a perfect choice. Using the EMG Solderless wiring makes installing these pickups hassle free.
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In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

1 25k volume pot
2 25k active tone pots (VLPF)
1 stereo output jack
1 battery buss 1 5 way selector switch
3 pair mounting screws and springs
3 pickup cable
5 connect cables
1 output cable
1 battery cable


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Noisy when Performing Live

Todd /Reviewed 5/7/2018

I have been a fan of EMG for quite some time and have been using them in various guitars since the early 90s. I recently had two identical guitars built and purchased two sets of the SAVX pickups along with an SPC and EXG for each. Both guitars have the exact same setup. I had some trouble with noise ever since I purchased these. They are not as noiseless as the S pickups. I have tried pretty much everything to eliminate the EMI noise—adding shielding, removing shielding, replacing the SPC / EXG with regular tone controls, replacing batteries, etc., and nothing seems to get rid of the annoying buzz, except to rotate my body either 90˚ to the right or left.

I have had to be much more aggressive with my gating, but that doesn't help when I am letting a note ring out and it is overtaken by a harsh buzz. I did not have the same issue with a DG20 set that I used a couple of years ago. That set was stone quiet. I just wanted a set of pickups that didn't sound as compressed as the DG20 did.

The SAVX are great-sounding pickups, but I think I will have to replace them with something else due to noise.

Ease of Install

Lefty install

John /Reviewed 6/1/2014

I will clarify at the start that this set is pretty easy to install, for a lefty, with a very simple modification to the 5-way switch, and not the guitar body as someone reviewed somewhere. The 5-way is fitted just like on a right-handed with all the connectors facing into the cavity and simply transpose the pickup connections i.e. bridge to neck and neck to bridge and then everything works as normal 1 thru 5.
Sound wise I like them, very close in character to the passives I pulled out of my '59 with the added benefits of an EXG/SPC and noiseless signal for my pedal board.
They have a weirdly pleasant combination of organic and HiFi quality, so not sterile, with position 2 giving a very Jimi tone and still having buckets of twang and girth in 5.
I like them for my slide work!

Ease of Install

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