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Real clean tone, but fatter than a single coil. A great pickup in the fingerboard position of any guitar. >

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The Mini-Humbucking Pickup has always been the orphan child of the Passive Humbucking world. It’s too bad because it has the nice attribute of a narrow aperture but has always lacked in the “gain” department because it just isn’t a big enough profile to work with.

So, we gave the Mini-H a slight makeover, keeping the small dual-coil aperture but using a group of new magnetic structures not just to give it what it’s been missing, but adding a whole slew of models. We also added a new preamp design that is quieter and has plenty of headroom.

The M-60 is Dual-Coil but we call it the “BFSC” (Big Fat Single Coil). Made with Two Ceramic Bar magnets (shortened to keep the magnetic field lower) it has a real clean tone, but fatter than a single coil. A great pickup in the fingerboard position of any guitar.

Keep in mind that all the Mini-H Pickups have a narrow string width sense and isn’t suitable in the bridge position of Floyd Rose equipped guitars. It was designed for the Gibson Tune-o-matic bridge width, and so it shall remain. The maximum string width should be about 2 inches (51mm).
See the individual data sheets for exact magnetic width, or string spacing on the M-72 Set.

No need for string grounding, so no shock hazard. Low-impedance output so you can sound the same through a cable as well as wireless. and on top of that a 2 pickup system only requires 1.3 Milli-Amps of 9 Volt battery power. Available in Black, White, Ivory, Chrome and Brushed Chrome.
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In the Box

Package Includes EMG's exclusive Solderless Install System:

1 25k volume pot
1 25k tone pot
1 battery bus
1 stereo output jack
1 two pickup in/out bus
1 pair mounting screws and springs
1 pickup cable
2 connect cables
1 output cable
1 battery cable


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