Made in California Since 1976

Under $30


    From: $28.00

    Solderless 3 position toggle switch

  • 9v Battery

    9v Battery

    9v Duracell Procell Battery with Insulation Foam

  • Cinch Bag

    Cinch Bag

    EMG Cinch Bag for all your swag!

  • CT-400 Tuner


    Clip-on chromatic tuner for Guitar, Violin, Ukulele & Bass.

  • e10 Strings

    e10 Strings

    USA Made, nickel wound, high carbon steel core for tone and endurance. 10 gauge.

  • TKO Kill Switch

    TKO Kill Switch

    A “Momentary” spring loaded switch that kills the signal in the down position

Under $50

  • 3 Pickups LH

    3 Pickups LH
    From: $69.00

    Left-handed 3 pickup wiring kit for active pickups

  • 3 Pickups w/ Push/Pull

    3 Pickups w/ Push/Pull
    From: $79.00

    3 pickup wiring kit for dual-mode active pickups

  • 3-POS NA Toggle


    Solderless 3 position toggle switch, made in North America

  • DPDT TW Switch

    DPDT Switch

    Use a switch instead of a push/pull to select between single and humbucking modes with the 89 and all TW models

  • J Set Kit

    J Set Kit

    All components are SOLDERLESS

  • JHZ Set Kit

    JHZ Set Kit

    Wiring kit for a passive JHZ set

  • LM Double Strap

    LM Double Strap

    Double leather 2.5” padded strap from our friends at LM Leather

  • PJ Set Kit

    PJ Set Kit

    All components are SOLDERLESS

  • PJHZ Set Kit

    PJHZ Set Kit

    Wiring kit for a passive PJHZ set

  • Toggle Kill Switch

    Kill Switch

    Kill switch mounted to a toggle for rapid-fire signal kills.