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Patch Cable P203

Designed specifically for patching between effect units and between effect units and amplifiers. Available with straight - straight connectors or angle - angle. >

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The Platinum Link series P203 model combines an NCS3 OFC conductor with a hybrid insulator consisting of NAP elastomer and special polyethylene materials. The application of innovative Providence technology throughout results in an outstanding blend of high sound quality and flexibility – characteristics that are rarely seen together in a single cable. Since the P203 was designed specifically for patching between effect units and between effect units and amplifiers, for example, sonic evaluation was carried out with 1-meter cable lengths rather than the longer samples used for standard cables. Unlike conventional patch cables, which are normally nothing more than short cables that can degrade frequency characteristics and result in a thin sound, the P203 model achieves excellent signal transmission accuracy and quality, and even helps to improve signal quality when used with compact effect pedals that can have a negative impact on the direct sound. Of course these same characteristics are also an advantage when patching between rack-mounted effects and preamplifiers. A convenient lineup of lengths from 0.1 meter to 0.5 meter is offered in 5 centimeter increments, so you can choose cables off the shelf for optimum patching with any rack or pedal-board system. Short gold-plated one-piece Providence NP-12G or NP-12GL (L-angle) plugs take up minimum space while providing superior sound.
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Providence with NCS3 OFC PATCH CABLE for Effects
Conductor-Size : 0.25mm2
Const-ruction : 50/0.08OFC(No./mm)
Diameter : 0.65mm
Inner Insulation-Thickness : 1.18mm(±0.05mm)
Diameter : 3.00mm
Outer Insulation-Thickness : 0.25mm(±0.05mm)
Diameter : 3.50mm
Inner Jacket-Thickness : 0.25mm
Diameter : 4.00mm
Shield-Diameter : 4.50mm
Jacket-Thickness : 0.75mm(±0.10mm)
Diameter : 6.00mm
Maximum conductor resistance(20°C) : 70.70≧(Ω/km)
Capacitance(1kHz) : Approx.70(pF/m)

Patch Cable P203

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