Artist View

John Shrestha / Sabin Rai And The Pharaoh

John Shrestha is an accomplished artist hailing from Nepal with a background in both teaching and performance. He was an integral member of the Professional Learning Community at the prestigious Sibelius Academy in Finland. Previously, he served as a guitar instructor at both the Nepal Music Center and the Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory. Currently, John is an active member of the Pop/Rock Band “Sabin Rai And The Pharaoh.” With the band, he has embarked on numerous tours, captivating audiences across Nepal and in various cities and states in Australia, the USA, the UK, India, New Zealand, Korea, Bhutan, Japan, Thailand and more. Notably, John also played a crucial role in Laye ‘le Shikchya, an organization founded by a collective of teaching artists dedicated to advancing education through the medium of music and creating educational opportunities in both urban and rural areas.