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Daisy Pepper

"From the moment I first tried EMG pickups, I quickly became addicted to their punch, power and presence. When designing my custom Spector bass, I knew I had to go with the 40DCX pickups."

Daisy is a session bassist from Hertfordshire, UK. She started her bass guitar journey in 2015 at 14 years old. At her school, a music teacher started a 'bass club', to encourage more girls to get involved with bass guitar. Within a day of playing, Daisy went home and bought her first bass. In 2020, she started sharing her musical journey on social media, and since then has gained tens of thousands of followers and millions of views across various platforms. As a result of the fantastic response, Daisy became a full time session bassist. Daisy is currently in a Roots, Rock & Blues band called ’The Exile Club’, and all bass lines on the album are recorded on her custom Spector bass, kitted out with EMG 40DCX pickups. Daisy tried out EMG’s bass pickups when she bought her first Spector in 2021. Immediately impressed by the tone, EMG quickly became her go-to for all things recording and performing. Daisy is also an official artist for Spector Basses, Darkglass Electronics, RightOn! Straps, TreePicks and Dropstrap.

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