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""On stage and in the studio, I’ve always looked for power, sustain, and versatility. So I installed my first EMG 60-81 pickups in 2010 on one of my IBANEZ, and that was the revelation! EMG pickups give me everything I need! Sending heavy, while bringing out the solos, and having a clean clean! That’s what EMG is all about! ""

Alex Lejeune, called CHEVAL, is the lead guitarist and manager of the French punk-metal band LES KROUTES, of which he is also the creator with his drummer friend MATURIN since 1999.

Since 2014, he has been very active on Facebook, which has allowed him to be known by a large number of people, especially during cover videos (cartoons, video games, various bands...)

In 2018, he participates in the video competition ROCKIN'1000 at the Stade De France, for which he will be selected, but on a waiting list given the number of musicians.

He has been preparing his band’s new album since 2018, and should be finished by the end of 2019

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