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Steve Stine

"EMG Pickups have defined my entire approach to guitar playing. I don't play live or enter a studio without them. They are as important to me as the guitar itself, and the amps I use are secondary. My EMGs come first."

I started playing guitar in 1983 at the age of 13, studying the incredible players of the 70s and early 80s, and began teaching guitar in 1987. I soon had over a hundred students per week, while attending college.

I started playing in bands soon after, learning to write and perform. I dedicated my life to performing and teaching others how to enjoy the journey of guitar.

I have been recording, performing and touring since 1988, and started using the combination of Ibanez guitars and EMG 81/89 pickups back in 1992, which helped to define my sound and my approach to guitar playing, and have never stopped using them.

I have found that I can get virtually any tone needed for the styles of music I play and write with these pickups.

I have taught literally thousands of guitar students worldwide thru classes, clinics, seminars, and online lessons, and continue to create video content for players to learn and get inspired from,

and now have numerous guitar courses available thru for players of all ages and levels.

I am married and have 2 children.

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