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Jimena Fosado/ Solo Artist

"“I love the EMG pickups sound since I started playing and getting into guitar specs. Every time I bought a guitar, one of my main priorities was to have EMG’s on it. I love the sound of all the different EMG’s I own because I’m able to play and transmit different sounds that are going to be unique; therefore, people will experience different feelings. As an artist I find that really important. I can’t lie; the looks and designs of them are rad too. Sound and look on point. What else do you want?” "

Jimena Fosado is a female guitarist born in Mexico City currently living in Los Angeles. Influenced by different genres in order to create her own and unique sound mixing different elements in her music, she performs rock and metal combined with fusion and EDM: Better described as “Messhugah meets Guthrie Govan, Afrojack meets Steve Vai.” She is part of the Shreddelicious community that features female musicians all over the world including Nili Brosh, Nita Strauss, Nikki Stringfield, Yvette Young, etc.

She started playing piano at the age of four to follow in her father’s footsteps in piano education. Hearing “Money for Nothing” by Dire Straits at age six inspired her interest in learning the guitar.

When applying for Musicians Institute, she was awarded with the Synyster Gates Scholarship (Avenged Sevenfold). She has shared stage with Steve Vai, Dave Weiner and Paul Reed Smith, Scott Page, Corey Feldman, among others.

She has been in two national tours in the U.S .She has participated in benefit performances, recording sessions, directed music bands, has experience teaching guitar and bass lessons and has a total of 140 live performances. Jimena’s guitars have EMG pickups because she always like the sound of them since she started playing but when Jimena was on tour, she was provided a guitar with stock pickups; she was not feeling the sound of them, so EMG pickups helped her to get the sound she wanted and needed, after changing to EMG’s she knew she was going to support them as they supported her.

She started uploading videos of her playing punk rock covers to Youtube and received attention by going viral and being mentioned on Twitter by some of the bands or artists she covered such as Simple Plan and Orianthi. One of her videos passed over 115,000 views. She is followed on social media by several artists supporting her work such as Joe Satriani, John Illsley, Orianthi, Nili Brosh, Doug Doppler, Chris Broderick, Rob Scallon, to name a few.

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