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Michael "ROOST" Russi/ Roost/hurt/VIB

"IF Jack Butler had EMG’s, he would have beaten that Karate Kid guy! FACT!!!! - ROOST"

At the age of 13 Michael “ROOST” Russi began his journey into developing his tone which would later become the signature sound for his bands Violence In Bloom, HURT and his current solo project.

Spending much of his youth being supported by his single mom and tucked away in his room, ROOST discovered EMG pickups were a must for the tone he was searching for.

“I learned if you wanted the tone of my favorite metal bands, you need to start with EMG pickups”.

“The EMG 81 was a little black magic box that could take my entry level guitar a step closer to the tone of James Hetfield, a favorite of mine”.

ROOST and his friends formed Violence In Bloom and quickly became a staple in the Sacramento music scene sharing the stage with bands ranging from The Bulletboys, Clutch and Testament. VIB is where ROOST cut his teeth on composing music and writing lyrics.

“VIB was my first band where I was writing half the lyrics and half the music”

ROOST jumped into his next project, H|U|R|T collaborating with fellow EMG Artist Tommy Armstrong Leavitt. H|U|R|T was in search of a guitarist, so as Tommy likes to tell it, “ROOST moved all his gear into the rehearsal room and wouldn’t leave”.

H|U|R|T released their critically acclaimed “PORN STAR” album produced by Devin Townsend and the self-produced “GODLIKE” along with the “Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘N’ Roll EP. H|U|R|T began work on their 3rd release with Frank Hannon (Tesla).

H|U|R|T shared the stage with Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock and Staind.

ROOST is currently working on his debut solo release.

Michael ROOST Russi has been abusing EMG pickups for over two decades with more to come.

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