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Gino Bianchi / Fallen From Skies

"“81/85 absolute power on my 7 strings!”"

“FFS” is a contemporary metal band founded January 2013 in Montevideo Uruguay by Gino Bianchi. FFS has members who managed to unite the Americas, Gino Bianchi (Uru), Evan Richardson (CL), Max Zuccarino (Arg) and Leo Ponce (Mex).

The first EP “Lies”, was recorded in 2014 and released in 2015. This allowed FFS to tour in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.

In 2017 FFS will launch ‘Responsible”, the first part of a trilogy thought in Ep and based on the war that exists between the love and fear.

This same material was made under the post production of Robby Joyner (Black book sound) and will be officially presented on a tour scheduled for 18 cities in Mexico, EMG is an essential part of the evolution in the sound of responsibles and Fallen From Skies.

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