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Daniel Bonfogo / Claustrofobia

"“My first experience with EMG Pickups was in 2010 when I got my first Endorsement (Salgueiro Basses). My 5 Strings Bass Guitar is equipped with two EMG 40TW pickups. Before that I just knew some friends that use EMG, some idols in music or watching some videos on Youtube. When I tested my New Bass (with EMG) for the first time, I was shocked with the extreme sound! The punch, fatness and the clarity are amazing. Since then It´s my first choice for playing live and studio.” "

Daniel Bonfogo has always had music in his life since he was a child. But just when he became a teenager he started playing the drums for fun and after made the Bass Guitar his official instrument. He joined Claustrofobia in 1995 playing bass and backing vocals. He recorded two demotapes, six albuns and one DVD and played in many countries especially in Brazil and Europe. Since then his life is totally dedicated to music and to the band. EMG is part of his life since 2010 when he got his first endorsement: A brazilian handmade bass with EMG Pickups. Finally he found the sound he has always wanted!

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