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Kenny Wicker/ Of Tyrants

""EMG pickups have been a part of my everyday playing as well as my professional playing with Of Tyrants. They just add the right tone for me and will always be my go to pickups for recording, live performances, and personal playing as well. ""

I first picked up a guitar when I was 6 years old and to this day have never put it down. There is no better escape than going into your own little world with music and for me it has always been my guitar. I have played a multitude of different styles throughout the years but one that stuck with me has been metal. I was about 11 years old when I first started playing metal and I immediately fell in love. As I got into my teenage years I was craving a heavier, hard-hitting tone from my guitar which I was not getting. Then for Christmas when I was 15, I opened up a brand new Schecter guitar loaded with EMG active pickups and when I plugged that guitar in my mind was immediately blown. I finally got the solid metal tone I was looking for.

My experience with EMG has not changed since. Every electric guitar I own has EMG 81/85's and I couldn't be more than happy with them. When I was 17 years old and had started playing shows for the first time, my father and I wanted to build our own custom guitar and when it came time to put in the electronics I immediately went straight for the EMG's. The pickups where a perfect fit for that custom guitar.