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Pablo Holman/ Entertain The Beast

"Very very soon when my new bass and EMG pickups arrive."

My name is Pablo Holman im from Santiago de Chile but curerrently living in Mexico city for the past 8 years. I started as a musician when I was 12 years because my dad is a bass player. His name is Ernesto Holman.

At first i was interest in play Guitar for obvious reasons, my dad has all the house full of bass instruments. I start at different music projects as a bass and guitarist player.

One day my Dad came and says to me, "I don't want to play jazz anymore. I want to try different music." So he gets a new 6 string fretless custom bass and call me to his studio. he looks at me and hand me his old bass and says, "Son , this bass has been with me since forever... Now its yours." I was thrilled! I started asking questions of the "bass Parts" and he refereed to the pickups and says those EMG's sounds great. This was OLD EMG pickups man! Since then I've been playing guitar and bass for long time and with different projects. Then i quit guitar and started being full-time bass player. I have it in my blood. Now I can't let my bass go!

Currently my band "Entertain the beast" is always looking for the most brutal , metal , and real sound for our fans to listen. EMG is the only way i can feel true to the music i play. (True story, thanks dad!)

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