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Sulene/ Solo Artist / Composer / Helicopria

"The 57/SAV/SAV combo pickups that I use in my Fender Strat allow me to achieve the versatility in sound that I need in order to be on stage with a punk or prog band, or to be in the studio playing on my newest film score. I am able to achieve the sparkly and clean Strat sound I need for my contemporary compositions, whereas the 57 allows me to create the wall-of-sound rock tone needed to perform with a band like Helicopria or my solo project. My EMG pickups enable me to go from stage to studio with one guitar, with all the versatility in sound I could possibly need for the stylistic range of music I play."

Sulene is a performer and composer from Cape Town, South Africa. Currently living in Brooklyn, New York she fronts her live solo band and plays guitar for the progressive rock group Helicopria. Sulene has also made a mark in the film industry, having written music for several successful films and commercials appearing in film festivals worldwide.

Sulene’s debut EP “Holding Words Back” is a lovechild born from her passion for both rock and contemporary film scoring. Her live band includes Jon Greene on guitar, Dan Alport on bass, and Emmett Ceglia on drums. Holding Words Back was released on March 25th.

Helicopria is a progressive rock band founded by Sulene in 2009. Since their early writing sessions in the Berklee College of Music dorms, the band has released several records and toured worldwide. Their newest release, SuperGeist, was rated the highest selling rock album on Bandcamp the day of its release. Helicopria consists of Sulene on guitar, Drew Ofthe Drew on bass (fellow EMG artist), and JP Bouvet on drums (world-renowned drum clinician).

In the summer of 2012, Sulene decided to try her hand at being a front woman. She started releasing videos on her YouTube channel, the first of which being a cover of Jeff Buckley’s “So Real”. Just over a year and twelve videos later, Chrys Johnson of EMG discovered her “So Real” cover. She is now a part of the EMG family and happily endorses their pickups – they allow her to satisfy her full range of playing and recording - from rock to film compositions.

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