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Michel Oliveira's passion for music began in his childhood, setting him on a lifelong journey. His musical odyssey commenced with the acoustic guitar, but at the age of 10, he transitioned to the electric guitar. In 2003, he embarked on his first band, Mysterius, where he honed his skills as both a guitarist and vocalist. During this period, Michel immersed himself in the realm of church music, showcasing his talents on the acoustic and electric guitar during religious ceremonies and events. In 2005, he sought tutelage under the guidance of Matheus Ferreira, a renowned guitar player from Sao Paulo. This marked a significant turning point in Michel's musical development. Two years later, at the age of 17, Michel composed his first instrumental songs and simultaneously founded Seven Seals of the Apocalypse.

Oliveira's introduction to 7 and 8-string guitars came through the resonant tones of Fear Factory's '95 Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack. Enthralled by the heavy sonority emanating from Dino's guitar, Michel was captivated and discovered his calling in the realm of extended range guitars. His musical influences expanded to include the likes of John Petrucci, Sydnei Carvalho, and Frederik Thordendal.

In 2010, Michel's musical journey reached a pivotal moment with the recording of his debut demo, aptly titled "The Unknown." This milestone not only marked the beginning of Michel's career but also represented one of the first forays into the djent style utilizing an 8-string guitar in Brazil. Simultaneously, Michel joined Judas O Outro, a band founded by Walter Lopes, the legendary drummer of one of Brazil's most esteemed Christian rock bands.

Michel's career continued to flourish as he went on to record numerous albums and EPs, all showcasing his mastery of metal and modern music, prominently featuring his skillful execution on extended range guitars. In 2012, he expanded his horizons by venturing into musical production at Sputnik Home Studio, where he has since recorded and produced over 100 records spanning various genres.

The years 2015 and 2016 emerged as pivotal moments in Oliveira's career. He captured his first live DVD, "Parallel Universe," an enthralling collection of 15 songs featuring collaborations with diverse artists. Shortly thereafter, he journeyed to the United States to showcase his musical prowess on EMGtv, a renowned YouTube channel that has hosted esteemed artists such as Devin Townsend, Andy James, and Tosin Abasi.

Presently, Michel thrives as a music producer at Sputnik Home Studio while also maintaining his membership in Judas O Outro and 7 Alter. He graces stages with live performances, masterclasses, and workshops, showcasing his solo work as a multifaceted instrumentalist.

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