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Joe Lester/ Intronaut

Joe Lester is one of the few bassists in heavy music that demands and deserves your attention. One listen to either of Intronaut's recent releases (Prehistoricisms or Valley of Smoke) will surely make you a believer. The mind bending jazz and world influenced bass lines that Joe delivers seem to come effortlessly and interestingly enough take center stage in a band with not one but two excellent guitarists. Very few bands are lucky enough to have a bassist that can really fill the room with this kind of odd rhythmic grinding pulse one moment and the most beautiful serene jazz chordal melodies the next.

Intronaut's style, while rooted in metal, is extremely forward-thinking and psychedelic, complete with complex polyrhythms, intense, haunting melodies, and vocal harmonies, combined with progressive and jazzy instrumental breaks. The sound incorporates traits from prog rock, psychedelic/stoner rock, Indian, African, and Afro-Latin rhythms, as well as a heavy jazz influence.