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Chris Dawson/ Seasons After

Chris Dawson is the guitarist for Seasons After is a five piece Rock/Metal band from the Air Capital of Wichita, KS that was formed in late 2006. Their sound, blending guitar and vocal harmonies, has been classified by some as nu-Metal with old school roots. Seasons After readily agrees with this, claiming influences such as Iron Maiden, Tesla, Faith No More, and Sevendust to name a few.

In just two short years, Seasons After has been fortunate to perform on The Vans Warped Tour twice and Taste of Chaos tour. They have toured extensively throughout the Midwest region promoting their self-released full length album, “Through Tomorrow”, that has sold units worldwide! As their fan base grows exponentially, they continue to tour with plans for a full nationwide tour coming in 2009 to promote the album.

“Through Tomorrow” embarks audiences on a journey through life’s toils and snares. At times it lifts the listener up with lyrics like, “Stand for something now, don’t fall for anything” only to send them crashing down to a somber reality, told in the lyrics of “The Worst Parts”. In all, “Through Tomorrow” is a feast of crunchy guitar riffs and heavy bass and drum patterns blended with harmonic vocals. The result is reflective of their combined influences.

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