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Adam Zadel/ Soil

Adam Zadel is the guitarist for SOiL.

SOiL, formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1997. The band currently comprises vocalist A. J. Cavalier, Adam, bassist Tim King and drummer Tom Schofield. The band's members are closely linked with the bands Broken Hope, Drowning Pool and Oppressor.

Soil's success came in 2001 when Pat Lynch of Orlando rock radio station WJRR, played the demo of "Halo" in heavy rotation. A major label bidding war erupted, the band chose J Records (a division of RCA Records). Music industry legend Clive Davis, responsible for signing such acts as Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen, signed the band, and stated that "you're gonna be my only rock band for now. You're going to be a priority, and I want to break this band".