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Phil Demmel/ Machine Head

Phil Demmel is the lead guitarist for Machine Head (Oakland, California, formed in 1992). They are one of the pioneering bands in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal.

The band's first album, Burn My Eyes, was a big success in Europe where it garnered attention on MTV's Headbangers Ball, but in America Machine Head would not have have success until later albums. The band nearly disbanded in 2002 after negotiating off of its label, Roadrunner Records, when controversy surrounding Machine Head's 4th release "Supercharger" (released 2 weeks after Sept.11th, 2001) resulted in their songs and their then-current video for the song "Crashing Around You' (which featured burning buildings) being pulled from all media outlets. The band re-signed with Roadrunner soon after and has released two triumphant albums since, 2003's "Through the Ashes of Empires", and 2007's The Blackening, which earned Machine Head its first Grammy Award nomination.

Phil has a signature "Demmelition" Jackson V Guitar with an aggressive edge, it's powered by the EMG-81 in the bridge and the EMG-60 in the neck.

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