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Paolo Gregoletto/ Trivium

Florida native, Paolo Gregoletto is the hard hitting bass player for the band Trivium (and ex-member of Metal Militia).

Gregoletto joined Trivium in 2004 when Matt and Travis held auditions for a new bass player. He got the gig just in time for the tour with Machine Head and replaced bassist Brent Young just after the band had finished recording Ember To Inferno.

Paolo uses a variety of techniques to perform his bass-lines. He uses a two fingered plucking style to pick out the more elegant counter melodies and rapid pentatonic accompaniments necessary for some of Trivium's material. He will also frequently use a modern three fingered plucking style, as favored by Billy Sheehan, in order to achieve a gallop rhythm (two 16ths and one 8th) in the style of Iron Maiden's Steve Harris.

His preferable way to warm up is by performing chromatic exercises up and down the whole neck of the bass, using both fingers and a pick.

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