Made in California Since 1976


  • AB


    The AB (Afterburner) is a push/pull booster with up to 20dB of preset variable gain, perfect for having fun with clean overdrive and distortion

  • AB 220

    AB 220

    The AB (Afterburner) is a booster with up to 20dB of preset variable gain with two detents for preset gain boosts.

  • PA2


    Works with active or passive pickups, perfect if you want to just plain overdrive the input of your amp for distortion

Tone Controls

  • EXG


    Great for creating a fuller tone that doesn't get muddy, while keeping it clean and clear, letting your guitar stand out in the mix

  • RPC


    A variable active control that boosts the high frequency response up to 6 dB at 4000 Hz, while simultaneously reducing low frequency respons

  • SPC


    The original intent of the SPC was to turn the tone of a single-coil pickup into a dual-coil


  • TKO Kill Switch

    TKO Kill Switch

    A “Momentary” spring loaded switch that kills the signal in the down position


  • Pi2


    The Pi2 produces true "out of phase" sound by reversing the phase of the pickup