Made in California Since 1976


  • Red Star Strap

    Red Star Strap

    "Red Star" EMG branded guitar strap, 72'' long, 2'' wide.

  • Tribal Strap

    Tribal Strap

    Lightly stressed thin leather Tribal strap

  • Tribal Bat Strap

    Tribal Bat Strap

    EMG branded 2” slightly padded all leather strap.

  • LM Double Strap

    LM Double Strap

    Double leather 2.5” padded strap from our friends at LM Leather

  • IC Outlaw Strap

    IC Outlaw Strap

    EMG branded 2” padded leather IC Outlaw strap.

Polish / Wax

  • Guitar Wax

    Guitar Wax

    Simply wiping dust off your guitar can scratch like sandpaper, because dust is abrasive.



    F-ONE gives wood its life back. F-ONE is formulated using a complex mixture of the finest ultra refined tree and seed oils to clean, condition & protect your fretboard/fingerboard.

  • Guitar Polish

    Guitar Polish

    Play every note like your guitar was brand new with MusicNomad's Guitar Polish.

  • Guitar One

    Guitar One

    The first Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly one step answer to effortlessly achieving a show perfect shine.

  • Guitar Detailing Towel

    Guitar Detailing Towel

    MusicNomad's guitar towel uses super soft, high quality microfiber, which contains 90,000 microfibers per square inch.


  • Hex Driver

    From: $4.99

    Perfect for output jacks, pots & tuners!

  • CT-400 Tuner


    Clip-on chromatic tuner for Guitar, Violin, Ukulele & Bass.